Smart and Vasor Lipo

Are you looking to achieve your desired body shape with precision and innovation? Our state-of-the-art medical spa offers a range of cutting-edge body contouring methods that can help you achieve the sculpted look you’ve always wanted. With our expert team and advanced technologies like SmartLipo and VASERlipo, you can confidently embark on your journey to a more confident you

SmartLipo: Sculpt Your Body, Reveal Your Confidence

SmartLipo, also known as laser liposuction, is a revolutionary method designed to target stubborn fat deposits and contour your body with precision. Our skilled medical professionals use advanced laser technology to gently melt away unwanted fat, allowing for a smoother and more refined body shape. Unlike traditional liposuction, SmartLipo also stimulates collagen production, resulting in firmer, tighter skin. Experience less downtime and quicker recovery with this minimally invasive approach to body contouring.

VASERlipo: Define Your Silhouette with Precision

At Blue Med Center and Spa, we’re proud to offer VASERlipo – a state-of-the-art ultrasound-assisted liposuction technique that delivers exceptional results. VASERlipo precisely targets fat cells while preserving surrounding tissues, resulting in less trauma, reduced discomfort, and faster recovery. Whether you’re looking to enhance your curves or define muscle definition, VASERlipo can help you achieve a more sculpted and refined appearance.

Why Choose Blue Med Center and Spa for Body Contouring?


Dr. Author James, a multi-board-certified surgeon, holds specialties in vascular surgery, phlebology and general surgery and has over 20 years’ experience performing liposuction and body contouring procedures Dr. James’s affiliations include the American College of Surgeons, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, and the American College of Phlebology. Dr. James, medical director for Blue, was trained by some of the top surgeons in the field of liposuction. He has extensive knowledge of liposuction and now high-definition liposuction. Dr. James’s motto is that there are no clocks in the room. He will work until he meets your standards and his. He loves to see the look on clients’ faces when they see their new body.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

We stay at the forefront of medical advancements to offer you the latest and most effective body contouring technologies, ensuring superior results and safety. We proudly offer VASERlipo. Vaser® utilizes acoustic steaming giving you smoother contours with less pain and recover time.  Although many practices only utilize SmartLipo® (laser liposuction), Blue combines SmartLipo® with Vaser® to allow even more fat to be removed than with SmartLipo® alone. Vaser® utilizes medicated solutions and ultrasound to break up fat making it easier to extract with a gentle suction process. The surrounding tissue is left intact, which is especially beneficial for those patients who have had previous liposuction procedures or other procedures that might have created scar tissue.

Vaser® technology took liposuction to the next level by maximizing patient results, improving shape and contour and in many cases making it less noticeable that you had a liposuction procedure.

Personalized Approach:

We understand that everyone is unique. That’s why we tailor our treatments to your specific needs, creating a customized plan to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Comfortable Environment:

Relax in our modern and soothing spa environment, where your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

Confidence Boost:

Our body contouring methods are designed not only to enhance your physical appearance but also to boost your self-confidence.

What is the process for SmartLipo® and VASERlipo®?

Step One: Schedule a FREE Consultation.

Blue patient advocates discuss your goals, concerns, and desired results. At BLUE Med Center, we believe in total transparency during your consultation and will always discuss realistic outcomes and expectations in detail.  You will never be rushed or pressured during your consultation. Thanks to the addition of Vaser® technology at BLUE several years ago, we deliver better results for our patients without added cost.

Step Two: Complete required documentation, medical history, and receive prescriptions.

Step Three: Pre-op appointment, review and finalize details.

Step Four: Day of Procedure

Dr. James will draw on your body to identify the areas to be treated. You will have a visual indication of the areas where removal of fat will be focused versus areas for sculpting or contouring. This procedure does not require general anesthesia. You will be kept very comfortable during your procedure. Watch one of our many satisfied clients from check-in to completion in the video below:

Step Five: Post-op

You can expect to have some bruising or swelling, but because we perform SmartLipo®, you can expect to return to your normal activities as soon as you feel comfortable. If larger areas or multiple areas were treated with liposuction, you may need a longer time to recover.

  • Wear your surgical garments.
  • Post-Op Follow-Up Appointments- 1 week, 3 months, and 6 months (more if needed based on your specific needs)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massages included (a savings of over $400)

What if I’m Already in Excellent Shape but Want Added Definition to Show Off My Hard Work?

Vaser® technology renders high-definition body sculpting work and where it really shines. In the video below Dr. James discusses the technique.

Ready to embark on your journey to a more sculpted you? Contact Blue Med Center and Spa today to schedule your consultation and discover the possibilities of advanced body contouring. Reveal your true self with the help of our expert team and innovative techniques. Your transformation begins here!