I'm Tim Middendorff

Owner, Blue Med Center & Spa

My Vision for Blue…

I envision BLUE as the premier provider of integrative health and aesthetics services in Atlanta and the beyond. BLUE is not just a place for treatments; it’s a sanctuary for holistic wellness.

The vision is to go beyond traditional aesthetics and offer personalized experiences that cater to both the body and the mind. Imagine a space where cutting-edge medical technologies and aesthetic rejuvenation practices coexist, creating a harmonious blend of science and art.

BLUE is an award-winning med spa that prioritizes innovation, constantly staying ahead in the field. I see BLUE as a beacon of excellence in the industry, earning accolades not only for its aesthetic results but also for its commitment to client satisfaction, ethical practices, and community impact. It’s a place where beauty, health, and compassion converge, setting a new standard for the med spa experience.

What My Clients Say

Tim was professional, informative, and polite during the consultation.

What a great experience it was for me as I finally took the time to have my procedure performed at the Blue Med Center. Tim was very professional from the beginning to the very end. He assured me that the whole process would be quick and pleasant, which is was. Again, both Tim and his staff all worked together to deliver a very delightful professional experience. I look forward to my next visit at the Blue Med Center.

Tim did an outstanding job. Very thorough and made me feel very comfortable.

I was super impressed by Tim. He went above and beyond. I honestly was not looking to spend as much as I am on my treatment but I know I am in great hands and it is totally worth it. I also appreciated his honesty and transparency. I am super excited to see my results.

Tim is awesome. I really appreciate the care and patience he has with clients. He is very knowledgeable, easy to talk too. Tim is the man! Thanks

Seyria Smiley Blue Med Center is THE ABSOLUTE BEST for any cosmetic procedure! Dr. James is phenomenal!!! He knows what he’s doing and very transparent with what’s going on. Both Tim’s are Great! I am a repeat client and would highly recommend their services. I had Smartlipo and it was an amazing non evasive experience. Turning 50 this year and looking the best ever!

Willie Bernard Great place, all the Tims were great. Tom is the best masseuse ever. Dr James is a miracle worker.

Dr. Yvonne Murphy The staff (Nurse Tim, Tim M, & Kevin is superb!! Dr. James is phenomenal..Alexa, is excellent with the body massages.

Tawana Huston I had a consultation with Tim. He was very honest and professional. He explained to me that the results and services I needed were better suited in a hospital setting, based on my multiple medical conditions. I appreciated that, honesty.

Gee Gee Hubbard Great service. Kevin, Tim, and Jennifer are very knowledgeable about the entire process.

Adriane Bailey My clinical procedure with Farina and the great customer service extended by Tim are commendable. I will continue going there for cosmetic services.