Introducing Emsculpt: Sculpt Your Dream Body with Cutting-Edge Technology

At Blue Med Center and Spa, science meets aesthetics to redefine your body’s potential. Discover the revolutionary Emsculpt treatment – a non-invasive, transformative solution to achieve your fitness goals like never before.

Are you looking to tone and sculpt those hard-to-target areas? Emsculpt is your answer. Our advanced technology harnesses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions that are impossible to achieve through regular exercise alone. Whether you are striving for chiseled abs, lifted buttocks, or toned arms, Emsculpt can help you achieve remarkable results.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I want abs. I hate situps!

    EMSCULPT is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt their body without needles and onesthesia.

  • i want to bring my booty back

    “Emsculpt was amazing! It felt like I was doing thousands of squats. It did exactly what I wanted, it lifted and toned my buttocks.” Stefanie, Miami, FL

  • i wish my arms firmer and toned

    Bicep and tricep muscles show an increase in muscle mass two weeks following the fourth treatment, as well as an overall far reduction in the arms.

  • I want muscler calves

    It is not only about fat. It is the world’s only non-invasive procedure to efficiently sculpt and tone your legs.

What if I told you there was a better way...

During each session, you will relax on our comfortable treatment bed while the Emsculpt device goes to work. You will feel powerful yet comfortable muscle contractions that mimic an intense workout.

The Emsculpt Experience at Blue Med Center and Spa


Your journey begins with a thorough consultation where we understand your body goals, medical history, and expectations. Together, we will create a customized treatment plan designed to sculpt your dream body.

I finally achieved the body shape that I have wanted.

Science is the Reason why
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Efficacy and safety have been tested in many multicenter studies using the most reputable scientific methods (MRI, CT, US and Histology)*

Average increase in muscle mass*
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With Emsculpt you experenice...


One of the best parts of Emsculpt? There is no downtime. You can return to your daily activities immediately after each session. It is the perfect option for those with busy lives who still want to prioritize their fitness journey.


With a series of Emsculpt sessions, you will start to notice visible improvements in muscle tone and definition. Our technology targets both muscle and fat, giving you a comprehensive transformation that is truly remarkable.


Emsculpt is not just about immediate results – it is about progress. As your muscles continue to build, you will experience ongoing improvements even after your treatment plan is complete.

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Here's What Our Previous Clients Have Said

I did 4 treatments of Emsculpt and have loved the new definition I can See! I can also tell my muscle strength improved as well. This will definitely be something I will continue as a maintenance treatment every 6 months.|

I did not know what to expect but I was pleased that it was not painful. It was definitely intense and when they say that it is like 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes they aren’t lying. I felt like I got an awesome work out each time and my core got stronger as it got smaller and I could see my abs again.|


Who can benefit from the EMSCULPT body sculpting treatment?

Anyone can benefit from EMSCULPT. Women looking to strengthen and tone their core after childbirth, elite athletes wanting to build more core strength, and anyone hoping to feel better in their clothes.

What body areas can be treated with EMSCULPT?

The EMSCULPT procedure is currently FDA cleared to treat your abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.

How long does an EMSCULPT treatment last?

LEach treatment is 30 minutes long with a minimum of 4 sessions scheduled 2-3 days apart. Your provider will help you create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.

What does an EMSCULPT treatment feel like?

The EMSCULPT procedure feels like an intensive workout. You can lay down and relax during the treatment.

Emsculpt delivers powerful induced muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions. The muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme condition. It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and sculpting your body.