Spa Services – Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

$115 60 minutes

$145 90 minutes

$180 120 minutes

Couple's Swedish Massage

$105 each 60 minutes

$135 each 90 minutes

Relax your muscles, calm your nervous system and soothe your soul by increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins and improving circulation and flexibility.

Deep Tissue

$125 60 minutes

$155 90 minutes

$200 120 minutes

Couple's Swedish Massage

$115 each 60 minutes

$145 each 90 minutes

Realign deep layers of muscles and connective tissue. Break down the rigidity in the tissue that causes chronic tension such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders. Your therapist applies firm to strong therapeutic massage working on the deeper layers of the muscles.

Hot Stone Massage

$135 60 minutes

$165 90 minutes

Both hand movements and basalt stones are used to rejuvenate tired muscles and create a deep, grounding sense of relaxation. Enjoy the Swedish massage and the heat of hot stones as they melt away the stress and tension.

Prenatal Massage

$115 60 minutes
$145 90 minutes
Pregnancy takes a toll on your body! You can’t sleep comfortably. You are being stretched in every direction. Let’s not even talk about your feet and ankles swelling! Pregnancy massage helps alleviate the tension and discomfort of your muscle aches.

Post Op Recovery/Lymphatic Massage

$115 60 minutes

Recovering from recent surgery ranging from cosmetic (tummy tuck, breast augmentation, lipo-suction, lifts) to medical?
For cosmetic post op recovery massage, you experience a reduction of scar tissue & swelling, improve overall appearance of cosmetic surgery, and shorten recovery time.
For medical post op recovery massage, the therapist aims to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve range of motion.

Body Scrub

$145 60 minutes

Massage and Polish

$170 90 minutes
Ready for Summer? Exfoliate gently and naturally with a coconut milk body scrub and reveal glowing, supple skin. Coconut, a natural anti-bacterial, hydrates and contains anti-aging properties. After uncovering that baby soft skin, you will be cleansed with hot towels, soaked in essential oils and a hydrating lotion. This treatment works wonders on many skin conditions.

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