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A thigh lift focus on contouring the inner thigh to create a more appealing shape in relationship to the stomach and buttocks. Throughout our lives our weight fluctuates. With large amounts of weight loss, the thighs can be left with excess skin which can lead to irritation and clothes not fitting properly. This can be especially difficult for some individuals. We are here to help.


Candidates for a thigh lift typically have excess skin or fatty tissue in their thighs from the natural aging process, vast weight loss, or pregnancy. The best candidates for thigh lifts have good overall health. It’s important to remember, a thigh lift should not be an easy alternative to weight loss. If you are close to your ideal weight, and are not happy with the appearance of your inner thighs then, schedule a consultation to find out if a thigh lift is right for you.

Detailed Procedural Info

Thigh lifts do require general anesthesia and typically involve a small incision close to your groin and sometimes extend to the back of the thigh. The great news is these incisions will not be noticeable even in a swimsuit. If you are interested in hearing more about how a thigh lift can improve your physique, fill out the form to the right.

What to Expect

Maintaining realistic expectations is vital for a successful thigh lift. Our expert advocates will walk through your goals, concerns, and desired outcome. Next, you’ll meet your doctor and discuss expected outcomes from your thigh lift.

After the procedure, patients can expect to have minor bruising, soreness, and swelling. If a large amount of skin was removed during the procedure, an overnight stay might be necessary. With smaller surgeries pain medication and anti-inflammatories will be all that is needed. Around two weeks is needed to recover from a thigh lift, and you will be able to resume your normal activities after four to six weeks. To maintain the results of your thigh lift, be sure to watch weight gain. After your thigh lift, your figure will be contoured to reflect the you, you’ve always wanted.


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