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Liposuctions of the chin remove the excess fatty tissue under your chin, that many call the “double chin.” After this procedure, the chin appears more defined and distinct. Liposuction of the chin is safe and highly targeted.


Liposuction of the chin is well suited for men and women that want to have a more defined, sculpted chin. Many times, with weight gain or loss, the fat surrounding the neck is one of the hardest areas to remove without a procedure. These localized fat deposits often do not respond to diet and exercise so they are ideal candidates for liposuction of the chin.

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Detailed Procedural Info

Chin liposuction allows us to be as minimally invasive as possible. The procedure typically takes less than one hour to complete and it’s thought to be one of the least invasive procedures in plastic surgery. This procedure does require general anesthesia, and the doctor will make a small incision just below your chin to remove the excess fatty tissue and skin.

Liposuction is not a weight-loss program, but best suited for those that deal with stubborn fat under their chin, that diet and exercise have not changed. If you think you are a candidate or are interested in hearing more about laser-lipo, fill out the form to the right.

What to Expect

Prior to your procedure, you will meet with one of our expert advocates. Our advocates will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your goals, concerns and desired results. You will then meet with your doctor to review your consultation and discuss realistic outcomes and expectations.

You can expect to have some bruising or swelling, but scarring will be very limited. Your chin will sag or swell after the procedure but this will dissipate within two weeks. Stitches are removed within five to seven days. Strenuous activities will need to be avoided for two weeks after the procedure. The results of liposuction of the chin will leave you with a tight, attractive jawline.


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