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A fat transfer to the buttocks is a very popular procedure using your own fat cells to lift and plump the buttock without the use of implants. The procedure combines the fat extracted from your body using liposuction in areas such as the abdomen, the waist, the back and thighs, or any area where you may want to reduce fat. The extracted fat is then separated, with the healthy fat cells being transferred to the buttock area to lift and plump.


A Fat Transfer to the Buttock is popular with women, but can also be done for men interested in a buttock lift without implants. A good candidate for Fat Transfer to the buttock is a patient with enough fat in other areas of the body that can be extracted using liposuction. To find out if you are a candidate, we recommend making an appointment with the patient advocate for a free consultation.

Detailed Procedural Info

The Fat Transfer procedure starts with liposuction of the desired areas of fat extraction from the patient’s body. That procedure is done in exactly the same way as described within the liposuction procedure. Once the fat has been extracted, it is separated for cell transfer and the patient is moved to a prone position for the fat to be transferred to the buttock area. The surgeon will have discussed your desired results prior to surgery at your preoperative appointment.

What to Expect

At your preoperative appointment, you will review with the surgeon your desired results of both procedures; your areas of liposuction as well as the amount of fat to be transferred to the buttock and the size and shape of the buttock.

The typical procedure takes approximately four hours in the surgery room. The procedure is an outpatient procedure, meaning no hospital or overnight stay at the surgery center is required.

You can expect to be in a compression garment for up to six weeks. Since multiple areas were treated during surgery, you may need longer time to recover.


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