HCG Weight Loss

What is HCG?

HCG is a hormone that helps the body to regulate metabolic processes. When introduced into the body in conjunction with a low-calorie diet as part of a medically supervised HCG Diet plan, HCG can stimulate the metabolism to burn fat stores for energy to make up for the low caloric intake as part of an HCG Diet plan which can be limited to as few as 500 calories per day. Even while taking in so few calories per day, patients participating in an HCG Diet plan feel little or none of the adverse side effects of hunger or fatigue as their bodies are metabolizing fat to provide the energy needed to function normally.

Why consider HCG Weight Loss…

An HCG Diet plan administered by one of the Blue Med Center qualified physicians or Nurse Practitioners offers
the quickest and safest way to lose that stubborn outer layer of fat that frequently is the hardest to lose.

HCG Weight Loss benefits also include:

  • Full Energy Levels
  • No Hunger Pains or Fatigue
  • Stable and Safe Blood Sugar Levels
  • Weight Loss Targeted at Stored Fat in Tough Areas
  • Preserved Muscle Integrity
  • Improved Metabolic Function
  • Boosted Testosterone in Men
  • Controlled Estrogen Levels in Women
  • Healthier Eating Habits
  • Stunning Weight Loss as Much as One Pound Per Day

How do HCG Diet plans work?

After medical tests are conducted to determine the unique needs of your body, an HCG diet specialist will design a low calorie diet and determine a daily HCG dosage that will maximize your weight loss results. HCG diet plans are usually conducted in 30 to 40 day courses and require patients to adhere to a strict diet supplemented with daily doses of HCG hormones. HCG hormones have been safely used in both men and women, burning fat stores to preserve muscle integrity and energy levels, whilst preventing the negative side effects of hunger.

This is what sets the HCG diet plan apart from other diets, the HCG hormone allows the body to obtain the sustenance required to maintain normal daily function and prevent muscle loss by burning fat stores as a source of energy and protein. For this reason, most patients that lose weight using an HCG diet plan are able to keep the weight off. They are losing fat, not muscle, and throughout the process developing healthier eating habits and a rejuvenated metabolism.

If you are unhappy with your body image, have a BMI over 20%, or have been diagnosed with clinical obesity, contact Blue Med Center today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is HCG safe?

Yes, it is very safe. The amount of HCG used in weight loss programs is small compared to what is naturally released in pregnancy. The only exceptions involve patients with hormone-related cancer, an allergy to HCG, or extremely early puberty.

How much weight will I lose?

The average weight loss is a whopping 10 to 25 pounds in three weeks. But the closer you are to your body’s ideal weight, the slower you will lose weight. The slowest loser usually loses about 1/2 a pound a day.

Does weight loss slow down after the first month?

Most people lose weight quickly in the beginning, and then begin to level off. This does not mean they stop losing weight, only that they are losing it more slowly. Some patients opt to do a second round of HCG. During this time, they can have another large drop in weight, followed by a slower rate.

Will the low-calorie diet cause my metabolism to slow down?

Not at all. The normal response to a low-calorie diet is to store fat and slow the metabolism to ensure survival. When HCG is used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, the body’s excess fat reserves are burned as energy to support its needs. So, the body figures it’s getting the nourishment it needs, therefore you are not as hungry.

If I eat a very low-calorie diet without HCG, will I lose the same amount of weight?

No. Without it, your body goes into “starvation mode” and tries to store fat. Your metabolism slows down. It’s almost like a bear going into hibernation for the winter.

Will I get hungry on this diet?

Each of us is different. Some people get hungry; some don’t. Hunger is the body’s way of telling you “feed me!” HCG stimulates your body to burn fat as energy, so your body’s energy needs are being met. This will help reduce hunger in most people, because the body has plenty of energy to use.

Will I be depleted of vitamins and nutrients?

Not at all. First, this diet is short. Second, every time you lose a pound of fat, which will happen almost daily, only the actual fat is burned. All the vitamins, proteins and minerals are fed back into the body. That’s good news for us all!

Will HCG interfere with any medication I am taking?

HCG does not interfere with any medications, including birth control. There will be no side effects.

Will my menstrual cycle change while I am taking HCG?

Patients should not experience any changes in their menstrual cycle because the amount of HCG being used is very small.

Why don’t pregnant women lose weight?

The body must go into a starvation mode for HCG to work. Most pregnant women are well nourished and do not fall into this category; therefore, they do not lose weight. Instead they gain weight appropriate for the growth of the baby. For weight loss, we use a very low-calorie diet to stimulate HCG to help rid the body of fat.

What blood work do I need beforehand?

We run basic blood work. Our friendly and expert medical staff will discuss this with you.

Can men use the HCG Weight Loss program?

Don’t worry, men – HCG will not make you more feminine. Or women more masculine. HCG’s actions are identical in men, women and children. Men can safely use the program as long as they do not have a hormone dependent cancer (such as prostate cancer).

Who create the HCG Weight Loss program?

The HCG diet plans offered by Blue Med Center are based on the research of Doctor Albert T.W. Simeons, and have been providing dramatic weight loss results for men and women for over 60 years. Doctor Simeons uncovered the potential of the HCG hormone to help obese patients lose weight while conducting medical research in India. In his research, Doctor Simeons began to notice something particularly amazing in observing impoverished pregnant women who worked long hours and could afford very little food. These women were somehow able to give birth to healthy, full-weight infants despite the general malnutrition in their own bodies.

After much study and research, Doctor Simeon concluded that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, produced naturally by a woman’s body during pregnancy, was responsible for preserving the health of these infants born to the poverty-stricken, hard working women. The HCG hormone is activated in the woman’s body in conditions of starvation or malnutrition, targeting fat stores to be metabolized in order to supplement an inadequate daily caloric intake. This fat that had been stored by the body was converted into the energy and nutrients the fetus needed to develop fully.

Doctor Simeon took these findings and began to use HCG hormone supplementation in conjunction with a low-calorie diet to effect drastic weight loss results in many of his patients suffering from obesity and weight loss resistance. In 1954, Doctor Albert Simeons published his findings in his book entitled “Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity” in which he discusses his work and research with obesity and treatments using the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

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