Saline Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States is breast augmentation. Everyone considering breast augmentation has different desired results. At BLUE we take the time to understand why this enhancement is essential to improving how you feel about your body. With implants, your breast will fit your body, and be fuller and firmer. Uneven and smaller breast can be enhanced through implants to help you return to the confident, sexy self, you’ve always wanted to be. The top two procedures for breast augmentation involve saline or silicone implants. Not sure which procedure is best for you? Fill out the form to the right to hear more about breast augmentation.


All individuals considering breast augmentation choose to enhance their body for different reasons. Some pursue a breast augmentation to even out breast sizes. Others contemplate breast augmentation after reduced breasts from pregnancy or a past surgery. Breast defects are another reason some think about augmentation. At BLUE, we strive to understand why you want this procedure, and why it’s important to you. We are here to help you become the confident, healthy self you’ve been dreaming of.

A breast lift is often considered along with breast augmentation to achieve some individuals’ desired results. Curious to know how BLUE can help you have the breasts you’ve always wanted? Schedule a consultation today.

Detailed Procedural Info

The breast augmentation procedure does require anesthesia and takes a couple of hours to complete. During the procedure, the doctor will make an incision by your armpit, underneath your breast, or around the darker skin surrounding your nipple. The implant will be inserted under your existing breast tissue with the first two methods mentioned. If the implant is inserted by the skin round the nipple, the implant will not be able to be placed under your existing breast tissue. The best procedure for your desired outcome will be determined during your consultation.

What to Expect

Our expert advocates will schedule a consultation with you to understand your goals, concerns, and desired results from your breast augmentation procedure. We’ll review with you the shape, size, symmetry, and determine whether saline or silicone implants are best for you. Both implants are safe, and offer different benefits.

Saline breast implants contain sterile salt water, which is filled at the time of surgery or before surgery. Some doctors will wait until the procedure to make slight adjustments to best fit the breast. Our expert advocates and doctors will help you determine which implant is best for your desired results, medical history, and body shape.

After the breast augmentation procedure, patients are tired and sore. These symptoms typically last for a couple of days, and the patient can return to normal activities after a week. Any remaining pain will dissipate within the first couple of weeks.


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